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Get the Most Out of Your Prayer Life

Paul uses the illustration of a Roman Soldier to help believers understand that they need to be prepared for a spiritual battle and that God provides protection that we can rely on in order to have victory.

The Prayer of Jonah

While he was still in the fish, Jonah’s prayer already revealed an attitude of gratitude. Do you sometimes pray in the dark? I don’t mean just praying with the lights out; I mean praying in dark times, when there is trouble all around. In those times, do you still give thanks?

Repent and Believe

Sometimes there may seem to be profit or pleasure in sin. But the wealth and comforts of this world are worthless compared to the eternal riches of the Kingdom of God.


大阪インターナショナル・チャーチ(OIC)は大阪の中心地区で伝道奉仕をしている、国際、超教派、プロテスタント、キリスト教会です。 OICに集う人々は、日本をはじめ、世界のさまざまな国々から来日しているクリスチャンです。礼拝は、日曜日の午前に、英語で行われており、日本語の同時 通訳があります。 礼拝者は、多くの異なる文化や教派の背景を持つ人々ですが、礼拝やまじわり、聖書の教えにおいて、OICは皆さんに、 「共通の背景」を提供しています。この「共通の背景」とは、「揺るがない岩」であるイエス・キリストです。キリストの上に人生の土台を据えるすべての人々 に、真の安定、確かさを与えるお方こそイエス・キリストです。



Osaka International Church (OIC) is an interdenominational protestant Christian fellowship serving the greater Osaka metropolitan area. The congregation of OIC includes Christians from many countries around the world, including a substantial number from Japan. The Sunday morning service is conducted in English with simultaneous interpretation available through wireless receivers. As our people come to worship […]


Crossing the “Transition” River

God promised Joshua that everywhere they placed their feet in the Promised Land, God will give them that territory. It’s really a small portion compared to the territory that OIC has from God. We have the entire world arriving at our doorsteps every Sunday. God calls us to be the light of the world
. “You are the light of the world.