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Jacob and Esau

Key Verse Genesis 28:14. We should focus on the big picture like Jacob, instead of temporal pleasures, like Esau. But our faith should also cause us to choose good actions, not taking advantage of others.

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The Tribes of Israel

Key Verse 2 Timothy 4:6-7. Examples of men who ended well on their journey of faith. Also a discussion of the sons of Jacob, the tribes of Israel, and how the whole Bible fits together.

O you of little faith

Three instances in Mathew concerning doubt, what was doubted, and how to combat these doubts in our lives.

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Look at the different responses of Zachariah and Mary when visited by the angel Gabriel. “Perhaps you are more able to identify with Zechariah and his questions rather than with Mary’s simple faith…But be reassured, the promises of God will not fail.”

Mary, the Lord’s Servant

Mary trusted in the Lord completely and was willing to do whatever the Lord asked of her. She was a true servant of the Lord. Mary’s faith does not seem to depend on what the Lord does; her faith rests in her confidence of the loving character of God.

A Journey

Cecile Greeff shares her testimony and encouragement from Isaiah 43. Fear not for I have redeemed you, I have summoned you by name. You are mine.

Dark Hearts

We have many traditions in the church, but our identity does not come from our church practices or traditions: Our identity as Christians rests in Jesus Christ and our relationship to Him.

Where is Your Reward?

For Christians the agenda of this world is often the opposite of God’s agenda for His Kingdom. We will receive our reward when we go home to Him who sent us.

A Man of Faith

The Jewish elders asked Jesus to help a Roman centurion since he deserved it because of his good deeds. However, Jesus perceived something much deeper in the centurion, namely his faith, and healed his servant on this account.

Public Faith

Treasure in this world goes bad, but treasure in heaven is forever. The real issue is a matter of where your heart is. Our treasure comes from knowing Jesus.

Seven Churches: White Stone

Faith in Jesus leads to life, but unbelief leads to death. If we choose to believe in Jesus, He forgives our sins and gives us eternal life. We may experience persecution, but our hardship in this life is very small compared to our joy and love we will experience in Heaven.