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Complete Joy

Christmas is a time to rejoice, because it is a time to remember the wonderful salvation that God has prepared for us in His Son, Jesus. We live in a troubled world, but we have joy when we remember the proclamation of the coming of Jesus. (Note: the PDF file is Japanese.


Trusting Jesus and putting Him first and considering others before ourselves is the key to having joy in our lives.

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Welcome Home!

We all face death sooner or later, but if we have placed our faith in Jesus, we can face it with peace and joy, knowing that there is a welcome waiting for us in heaven.


For the Christian, what is important is that we walk with Jesus our Lord and that we are assured of a joyous homecoming to heaven when we leave this world.

Finding Joy

喜びを得る: It has been said that happiness depends on what happens to you. But joy does not depend on what happens to you; instead, it depends on the condition of your heart and on your choice of attitude.