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Complete Joy

Christmas is a time to rejoice, because it is a time to remember the wonderful salvation that God has prepared for us in His Son, Jesus. We live in a troubled world, but we have joy when we remember the proclamation of the coming of Jesus. (Note: the PDF file is Japanese.


Trusting Jesus and putting Him first and considering others before ourselves is the key to having joy in our lives.

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Welcome Home!

We all face death sooner or later, but if we have placed our faith in Jesus, we can face it with peace and joy, knowing that there is a welcome waiting for us in heaven.


For the Christian, what is important is that we walk with Jesus our Lord and that we are assured of a joyous homecoming to heaven when we leave this world.

Finding Joy

喜びを得る: It has been said that happiness depends on what happens to you. But joy does not depend on what happens to you; instead, it depends on the condition of your heart and on your choice of attitude.

Philippians:the Blueprint for Joy #3

We see that Paul had much success promoting the Gospel while inside the prison walls or better yet, in his cottage. But how about the impact he had in the church, in the city of Rome?