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Christ’s Ambassadors

When we serve as Christ’ ambassadors, inviting people into relationship with Him, we fulfill both commandments that Jesus said important. Our faithfulness to the mission and ministry God has given us expresses our love for God, and our efforts to share the love of Christ with others expresses our love for our neighbor.

Onto the Lord (Husbands/Wives/Children…)

Whether it be Husbands submitting to Christ, wives submitting to their husbands, Children submitting to their parents, or servants submitting to their masters…. It is important to note that all these examples begin and end with this idea of doing it in sincerity of heart, as onto the Lord.

Love Brought God to Us

Jesus, our Savior, was a man of sorrows, a man who was familiar with suffering. Whatever you are going through in your life, whatever pain, or sorrow, or heartache you may be hurting from, know this: Jesus understands and He suffers with you.

In the Hands of Others

Sometimes it is hard to see God’s love in our circumstances, but He has proven His love in all that He has done, and most especially at the cross of Christ Jesus. The Lord’s promises are trustworthy and true. And He gives special and wonderful promises to those who trust in Him.