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Dark Hearts

We have many traditions in the church, but our identity does not come from our church practices or traditions: Our identity as Christians rests in Jesus Christ and our relationship to Him.

Who is This?

Nothing in our lives will be hidden, but because of Jesus’ cleansing we have no need to be ashamed. Jesus wants a loving, intimate relationship with you. When you come to him, he makes you a part of his family.

Knowing the Truth

Knowing the truth is essential to have a personal and intimate relationship with Jesus. If we seek Him, He will give us understanding and reveal Himself to us.

Christ’s Ambassadors

When we serve as Christ’ ambassadors, inviting people into relationship with Him, we fulfill both commandments that Jesus said important. Our faithfulness to the mission and ministry God has given us expresses our love for God, and our efforts to share the love of Christ with others expresses our love for our neighbor.

Onto the Lord (Husbands/Wives/Children…)

Whether it be Husbands submitting to Christ, wives submitting to their husbands, Children submitting to their parents, or servants submitting to their masters…. It is important to note that all these examples begin and end with this idea of doing it in sincerity of heart, as onto the Lord.