How Should We be Subject to the Authorities?

Date: 2023/01/29

Bible Passage: Romans 13:1-5

By: Junichi Fujino

What are the governing authorities? The national government, of course, the local governments, the police
and the agencies. We should obey and respect the laws and decrees issued by them. In our workplaces, we
are supposed to follow the boss and superior persons. We should be subject to the rules set up by them. No
ruler in the world is perfect. The one who has the power rules over other people much or less as one desires.
Deceptions and manipulations often take place. But the Bible says, “there is no authority except that
which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God.” Still even the
bad government is better than anarchy.
If Christians say, “We obey God. So we do not have to obey the secular authorities so much.” We are
straying off from what the Bible teaches.

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