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Loved By God

Do you know that you are loved? God loves you. His love doesn’t depend on what we do; He loves us regardless of what we do. Open your heart to His love.

Good Soil

While the Missouri farmer prepares his soil before he plants, the sower that Jesus talked about sowed his seed in all types of soil. We are the soil and we allow the Lord to change our lives; to take out the stones, thorns and hard places.

Restoring the Image

God created man in his image to reflect his glory as the moon reflects the sun. But sin breaks the image of God in man. Through Jesus God is restoring his image in us.

O Jerusalem

Historic Jerusalem rejected Jesus, but there is a day coming when he will be worshiped there as God and Savior. Let us all go to the New Jerusalem through Jesus. (Sermon preached bi-lingually)