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The Holy Trinity of God

Since ancient times, the church has considered the teaching of the Trinity to be so important that any group which rejects the teaching of the Trinity is considered to have departed from true Christianity. This is stated in creeds accepted by the three major branches of Christianity, Protestant, Orthodox, and Catholic.

Dark Hearts

We have many traditions in the church, but our identity does not come from our church practices or traditions: Our identity as Christians rests in Jesus Christ and our relationship to Him.

The Healthy Church 1/3

By the power and leading of the Holy Spirit, let’s choose to be holy, because God is holy, not just in words, but in our whole lifestyle. When we do this, then people will see; and they will want to join in and praise God with us.

The Healthy Church 2/3

Wherever we are, we can offer ourselves as living sacrifices for God’s Kingdom by loving and caring for all of the people we meet.

The Healthy Church 3/3

As brothers and sisters and as members of the same body, we need to forgive one another and learn to dance together in harmony, each using the gifts God has given us to serve the Lord as we are called.

Seven Churches: Open Door

God has placed an open door before us. The door of salvation where anyone who believes in Jesus can enter into the Kingdom of God, and the door of opportunity to share the good news with others.

A Transformed Community

We as believers are being brought together to make a new community dedicated to God. We are to share our lives with each other by spending more time together in prayer and fellowship and by meeting each others’ needs.

The First Deacons

When problems are addressed and solved, it is an opportunity for the church to grow. Satan tries to disrupt the church with his schemes, but through prayer, the wisdom of the Word, and the power of the Holy Spirit, we can defeat the plans of the evil one.

The Calling

When Jesus calls us as He did disciples, we are to be focused on coming and following Him.

Lamb of God

In Christ Jesus, the Ethiopian Official found forgiveness of sins, salvation, and a mission in life. May we also know Jesus, receive salvation, and take on the great purpose of sharing the Good News of Jesus with all of the people around us.