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Life in the Spirit

As Christians we need to know who we are in Christ. This truth strengthens us and reassures us. Then from that position we reach out in love to those around us.


Jesus shared nuggets of gold for his followers in the last part of the Sermon on the Plain. The greatest of which is to build our spiritual house on him and his teaching.

Good Soil

While the Missouri farmer prepares his soil before he plants, the sower that Jesus talked about sowed his seed in all types of soil. We are the soil and we allow the Lord to change our lives; to take out the stones, thorns and hard places.


If following Jesus Christ is our number one priority, we will reach more and more people in Osaka and beyond.

Only One Thing

It is good to work hard to serve God and our neighbor. But first, we need to sit at the feet of Jesus and learn the ways of love.

The Way of Humility

The way of humility is to abandon pride, personal ambition, and self-centered living and to commit ourselves completely to serving the Lord and loving others. Let’s choose the way of humility and become bold in loving our neighbor and in serving God and His Kingdom.

Imago Dei

As we follow Jesus and trust in Him, we become like Him and the image of God becomes more visible in our lives.

The Healthy Church 1/3

By the power and leading of the Holy Spirit, let’s choose to be holy, because God is holy, not just in words, but in our whole lifestyle. When we do this, then people will see; and they will want to join in and praise God with us.

Spiritual Development

Whatever the spiritual stage you are in, make it your goal to imitate Christ and lead others to do the same.

His Chosen First Fruits

We are God’s first fruits by His choosing, even though we are not worthy. If we truly realize that, then we would want to give thanks, love, and obey Him in response.