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John the Baptist

“John the Baptist was filled with the Holy Spirit while he was still in the womb. And John became a great man of God with an extraordinary ministry”

Life in the Spirit

As Christians we need to know who we are in Christ. This truth strengthens us and reassures us. Then from that position we reach out in love to those around us.

The Healthy Church 1/3

By the power and leading of the Holy Spirit, let’s choose to be holy, because God is holy, not just in words, but in our whole lifestyle. When we do this, then people will see; and they will want to join in and praise God with us.

Our Two Advocates

We have two Advocates interceding for you, our Lord Jesus and the Holy Spirit. As Christians, we have the Holy Spirit already in our hearts, but if we want to be a powerful witness for Jesus, then we need to daily seek the filling of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

Baptism of the Holy Spirit

The filling of the Holy Spirit is available to all, but our hearts and lives are so full of the things of this world that we don’t leave room for the Holy Spirit. Let’s turn away from the things of this world, and let’s seek the Lord and draw near to Him.

Fruit of the Spirit

OIC 37th anniversary. If we sow to the Spirit, we will reap a harvest of righteousness in our lives and a godly character. It takes time to grow spiritual fruit in our lives, but the reward is worth it.

The First Deacons

When problems are addressed and solved, it is an opportunity for the church to grow. Satan tries to disrupt the church with his schemes, but through prayer, the wisdom of the Word, and the power of the Holy Spirit, we can defeat the plans of the evil one.

Growing to Maturity

成熟を目指して成長する: When we become Christians we are born again as a child in the faith. This new birth marks a new spiritual beginning and we need the Word of God (our spiritual milk) to Grow (1 Peter 2:2-3)!