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Loved By God

Do you know that you are loved? God loves you. His love doesn’t depend on what we do; He loves us regardless of what we do. Open your heart to His love.

The Value of One

Jesus traveled for a whole day just for one man. He loves the whole world, but He also loves each one of us. You are important to him.

Only One Thing

It is good to work hard to serve God and our neighbor. But first, we need to sit at the feet of Jesus and learn the ways of love.

Eternal Love

This Christmas, let’s hold to the pure and simple truth. “Jesus loves me, this I know, for the Bible tells me so.”

Real Love

God showed us his love when He sent Jesus into this world. Our passages teaches us the characteristics of love.

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The Healthy Church 2/3

Wherever we are, we can offer ourselves as living sacrifices for God’s Kingdom by loving and caring for all of the people we meet.

Perfect Love

John reminds us that we are to love and forgive one another with God’s love because we are loved and forgiven by God.

The Family of Israel

We can see the guiding hand of God in history and the loving providence that God gives to all. God cares about all people and He desires for all to be saved. His grace is truly amazing.

Gone Fishing

We as Christians need to be fishers of men so that so that many may come to know Jesus. But before we can be fishermen, we must first be fish, caught by the love of Jesus.