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Brutally Honest Prayer

We can be honest with God, even when we are upset or angry. There is great joy in knowing God is with us when we face troubles. When we ask God to take care of troubles we release them to Him.

No More Sorrows

Turn to Jesus, and He will hear the cry of your heart and provide the very best answer. God keeps His own schedule, and so the answer may not always come as quickly as you would like. But when you seek Jesus and pray in His Name, the loving answer of God is certain.

The Faith of the Apostles

We do not see Jesus with our eyes, but we have the testimony of the apostles and the testimony of millions of fellow believers. And, we have the written testimony of the Scriptures. The things in the Bible are written there so that we may believe in Jesus and receive eternal life in His Name.

Give What You Have

Although our resources are limited, let us give our best in whatever we do. Then, give it over to the Lord in prayer with full confidence in the name of Jesus Christ.

The First Deacons

When problems are addressed and solved, it is an opportunity for the church to grow. Satan tries to disrupt the church with his schemes, but through prayer, the wisdom of the Word, and the power of the Holy Spirit, we can defeat the plans of the evil one.

Prayers Answered

It is good to keep a record of when God answers our prayers. It can strengthen our faith and help make our testimony more effective.

No Doubt!

If we doubt God’s ability to respond to our request, than what would be the point of asking in the first place?

Get the Most Out of Your Prayer Life

Paul uses the illustration of a Roman Soldier to help believers understand that they need to be prepared for a spiritual battle and that God provides protection that we can rely on in order to have victory.

The Prayer of Jonah

While he was still in the fish, Jonah’s prayer already revealed an attitude of gratitude. Do you sometimes pray in the dark? I don’t mean just praying with the lights out; I mean praying in dark times, when there is trouble all around. In those times, do you still give thanks?