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The Origins of Evil

Includes a discussion of the origin of Satan and the fallen angels, as well as the first of several interpretations of Genesis 1 that Pastor Dan will introduce, this one called the Gap Theory.

Baptism of the Holy Spirit

The filling of the Holy Spirit is available to all, but our hearts and lives are so full of the things of this world that we don’t leave room for the Holy Spirit. Let’s turn away from the things of this world, and let’s seek the Lord and draw near to Him.

Oh How Sad

Our life becomes miserable spiritually when we are far away from Jesus. But by God’s grace and mercy, we can always return to Him by remembering, repenting, and doing the first things that drew us closer to God.

Finding Joy

喜びを得る: It has been said that happiness depends on what happens to you. But joy does not depend on what happens to you; instead, it depends on the condition of your heart and on your choice of attitude.